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At Chai Modern we are privileged to partner with local Jewish talents like Monkey Biz to produce this highly celebratory, beaded range.

Founded in 1999 by Barbara Jackson and Shirley Fintz, Monkey Biz has revived and revitalised the time-honoured practise of African Beadwork to produce art that is both contemporary and traditional. In recognising and respecting African Beadwork as a legacy gifted from mother to child through generations, Monkey Biz has re-ignited this tradition amongst disadvantaged women in South Africa – now an ever-growing community of over 200 skilled bead artists.

These women not only have access to an artistic outlet in which to express themselves, but are economically empowered through their earnings in an ongoing effort towards upliftment and independence.

Each tchotchke and each bead upon it represents a woman; her talent; her community, and her personal dreams. That is why you will find her name on the tag attached to her art. And just as true art cannot be replicated, every hand-beaded piece is impossible to replicate. That said, we strive to ensure that similarity and consistency are achieved across our ranges.

We hope that you relish your tchotchkes from the Chai Modern and Monkey Biz collaboration as much as we relish this truly celebratory partnership! L'Chaim!

Hanging Dreidel:

8cm Diameter

3.15" Diameter


TCHOTCHKES - BEADED DREIDEL (Hanging) Sale priceR595.00