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At Chai Modern, we love to support and honour local craftsmanship, while making a difference in local communities. Our Licht Wire Menorahs are handcrafted to support wire artists who create on the streets of Cape Town.

Creativity takes courage. Each of our handcrafted menorahs is as unique and bold as the hands that crafted it, each with its distinct African flare. And yet, we strive to ensure a similarity and consistency across our range.

As each piece is handmade, the candle holder size might vary slightly from one to the other. If the candle does not fit perfectly in the holder, we suggest that you stick each candle in with it's own melted wax. Melt the bottom of the candle with the flame of another candle. Once the wax drops in the holder, hold the candle in place for a few seconds until the wax cools and hardens and the candle is secure.

To remove the wax, soak the holder part in hot water until the wax melts away. Any wax residue can then be wiped away with a soft cloth. Do not use anything abrasive, that can scratch the surface. 

We hope that when you light your candles you feel as blessed by your menorah as Chai Modern have felt in creating it for you!

Hanukkah Sameach!

Powder coated galvanized steel wire

29cm L x 5cm W x 26cm H

11.42" L x 2" W x 10.24" H

Takes 0.9cm / 0.36" diameter Hanukkah candles

LICHT - ROUND MENORAH Sale priceR1,980.00