All Chai Modern products are thoroughly checked for quality and consistency.

Because our products are handmade, there may be tiny color and shape variations, adding to the uniqueness, charm, and individuality of each item. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy each piece of your Chai Modern family as much as our family enjoyed creating them. 

The challah board base tray is powder coated steel. To clean the steel, carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge. Then use a soft brush (non abrasive) and a diluted solution of a mild detergent, in warm water (DO NOT use solvents) to remove dust, salt and other deposits.

Ensure you thoroughly rinse the surfaces with clean fresh water after cleaning to remove all residues and dry with a soft towel.

Our wooden items are made from solid maple wood. This wood is easy to maintain and clean. Simply wash with warm soapy water and air dry. Timber products should not be soaked in water or placed into the dishwasher. 

The wood is finished with a food safe plant-oil blend for additional protection.  We recommend that you oil these items twice a year to maintain the beauty of the wood.

44.5cm L x 27.6cm W x 2cm H

17.51" L x 10.86" W x .74" H

Powder Coated Steel

Maple Wood

Laser Engraved


Our products are packaged to withstand the rigors of worldwide shipping.

All fragile items are packed between honeycomb structural board, and then placed into stable shipping cartons.

Shipping costs to all major cities in South Africa is included.

All our products are produced locally with love and care, therefore, lead time to shipping for all our products is currently 3 - 4 weeks.


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