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At Chai Modern, we are blessed to produce this bespoke, crocheted range through our collaboration with local Jewish talent - the Peta Becker Projekt.

Founded in 2006 by Peta Becker, the Peta Becker Projekt serves as a capacity building initiative amongst underprivileged communities of women from Zimbabwe, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa. Using the simple yet effective power of crochet, these women are equipped with the skills to produce masterpieces from a few metres of yarn. They receive ongoing training to encourage innovation and ensure contemporaneity. The women of the Peta Becker Projekt are empowered through this skill-based education, to become artisans and educators in their own right, and to support their families as a result of their economic independence. They have also come to forge lifelong sisterhoods around their shared passion for crochet.

Each tchotchke and each length of yarn within it represents a woman, her talent, dreams, community, and personal empowerment. For these women, being creative and inspired is not a hobby, it is a way of life. And while each precious life is different, we strive to ensure that similarity and consistency are achieved across our ranges.

Each of your tchotchkes from Chai Modern and Peta Becker Projekt has been crafted with love, and we trust you will love showing them off as much as we’ve loved creating them!

Whole Pomegranate:

6.5cm W x 11.5cm H

2.56" W x 4.53" H

Crochet Yarn