All Chai Modern products are thoroughly checked for quality and consistency.

Because our products are handmade, there may be tiny color and shape variations, adding to the uniqueness, charm, and individuality of each item. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy each piece of your Chai Modern family as much as our family enjoyed creating it.

This print is digitally printed on a 3mm acrylic sheet, with an acrylic box frame.

Hangs from one central point.

No hardware is included.

Available to order in the following sizes:

A0 118.9cm x 84.1cm / 33.1" x 46.8"

A1 84.1cm x 59.4cm / 23.4" x 33.1"

A2 59.4cm x 42cm / 16.5" x 23.4"

A3 42cm x 29.7cm / 11.7" x 16.5"

A4 29.7cm x 21cm / 8.3" x 11.7"

A5 21cm x 14.8 / 5.8" x 8.3"

Our products are packaged to withstand the rigors of worldwide shipping.

All fragile items are packed between honeycomb structural board, and then placed into stable shipping cartons.

Shipping costs to all major cities in South Africa is included.

All our products are produced locally with love and care, therefore, lead time to shipping for all our products is currently 3 - 4 weeks.


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